Monday, September 30, 2013

Recreate Series: Colorful Makeups

Hey lovelies! The second look in the series is inspired by the latest look from Colorful Makeups, the next blog on my Blog Roll. Here is her look:
Here is my look:

 One of my big dogs came over to investigate...and then he started checking out my makeup....hehe :D
I hope you liked the look! See you soon!<Lucy :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Recreate Series: Bows and Curtseys

Hey! So I wanted to start a series made up of looks I re-created. I'm going to be going down my Blog Roll list-on the right-and doing a look from each blog. I'm trying to find more crazy and non-wearable looks to do of course. Again, if you want to keep updated with my wearable looks, go to So, the first blog on my blog roll is bowsandcurtseys, created by Ronnie. She did a look a while ago, using Sugar Pill I believe, and I thought I'd do that one. Here is her look:
 And here is my version:

(please excuse my chipped nails)! :-0 Every look from each blog will be slightly different from the original look. I really hope you are all as excited about this series as I am! :D<Lucy <3


Hi everyone! I haven't posted forever because my family was taking a month or so off of computers and electronics. I haven't created any crazy looks lately, but I think I will get right on that either right now, or definitely very very soon. I hope all of you are still updating yourself with my blog, and I apologize for the absence  I will for sure post much much more often! :D <3 <Lucy :)

Mac *mini* Review!

Hey lovelies! Today, I have a mini haul and review for you! :)When Teri was here, (see all things mac) she gave me a Mac Creme Base in Shell.

This base comes on smooth, and shimmery. I'm really excited to use it because it can be used all by itself for a natural look, as well as a frosty shimmer base. Mac never seems to disappoint! :D I hope you liked this!<Lucy :D