Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recreated Series: EyeGraffiti

Hey lovelies! Today's look is inspired by a look from the next blog on my Blog Roll: EyeGraffiti. The looks ports green. black and some purple, and I just loved the color combination. :) They called their look Highlighted Club Green Eyes:
Here is my recreation of the look:
 Her we go again with the weird picture thing...I'm so frustrated with it! So sorry about the weird quality :( The colors look really dull, but they really are super bright :P

 For a blush, I used a bit of Elf Eyeshadow in Ketchup, and for the highlighter, I used this gorgeous Elf Eyeshadow in Morning.

Despite the weird pic quality, I hope you still liked the look, and be sure to check out Eye Graffiti! :D See you later!<Lucy <3

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Series: Dark Chocolate and Neon Pink

Hello everyone! Today's Halloween Transformation Look doesn't have a specific title...I was actually going for a villainess look with black eyes and red lips...but the original colors were browns, so I went with dark chocolate-y brown eyes and a neon pink lip, using the Sephora Palette that I got for my 13th birthday. (check out my b-day haul posts) :) I actually really liked how it turned out! I apologize about the terrible lighting in the pics, but it was getting dark, so I had to rush to get the pics taken. ;) This is the original look:
The Halloween Transformation:

 I know, lately, there has been something going on with the quality in the skin looks rough and badly photo-shopped :P

Please go to the blog roll and click 'makeupcrazy' to go to my other blog, where you will find the original wearable look for this one. :) I hope you all liked this one, I'm having so much fun with the Halloween Trans. Looks! :D Btw, if you want some more crazy looks for Halloween check out my two faves:
for creative eye looks, go to GlitterGirlc. And for full-on Halloween makeup ideas, go to KrimzinArt. (both of these blogs are on the Blog Roll) ;) See you all soon!<Lucy :D <3

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Series: 80s Girl/Villainess/Ethereal Character

Hey everyone! So today's Halloween look that can be changed into really any kind of character. A you saw on the title, here are the three main ideas I had in mind while creating the look. The look started off on my other blog (see makeupcrazy on blog roll) as soft 'teen' makeup, and changed into this dramatic look. (for some reason, the way the photos turned out, the skin around my eyes just looks weird...idk) 
 From this to this:

You can't tell in the pictures, but I did this ethereal purple contouring all over may face, nose, chin, and jawline. :) I was pretty happy on hoe this look turned out. I would love for you all to check out my two other blogs that I have, they are both on the Blog Roll: makeupcrazy and nailcrazy; check them out! :D <Lucy <3

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Favorite Looks Of The Week So Far!

I couldn't help but post some of my favorite makeup looks done on my Blog Roll blogs these past few days. I will do this at the end of every week...In the future! Right now though, I would just like to share NOW! :)
 This adorable and creative makeup look by Cecilie is inspired by Mickey Mouse! Why I made this look a favorite: I just love the colors, and those lashes are just amazing! :D Aren't the ears so cute? :) Cecilie's techniques are so beautiful, and if you aren't already you HAVE to subscribe to her youtube channel!
Think Pink makeup look by Heidi. I made this look a favorite because everything is just such a great flow. Even though this look is bright pink, there is a flow to the colors, that makes this look so flawless. Aren't those brows just PERFECT?!? :)
Fall Smokey Eye Using Drugstore Products by Anna. Why I made this look a favorite: First of all, Anna's eye shape is just perfect, right? :) This is a fabulous idea for fall, and the lashes really pull the look together. Also, the colors are neutral enough to work on all eye colors! If you haven't already, subscribe to Anna's youtube channel!
Birthstone: Opal by Madam Noire. Why I made this look a favorite: Madam Noire's look are always unlike any other looks I've seen. Her looks are always so unique, yet they are just beautiful. This one is probably my all time fave of hers! The lashes, and the eye shadows are so soft and pretty together, and the lashes are gorgeous  and I love the eye color!

I hope you liked these looks! Make sure to click on all of the links! :) From now on, I'll do this at the end of every week...starting next week :D <Lucy <3

Playing Around With Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hello again! So, hopefully I can post every few days or so you know, I have a blog for my everyday looks: Every time I do a wearable look, and post it on that blog, I will go and turn the everyday look into something wild and fun for Halloween! That sound fun? Well I created a colorful look with blue and brown on my wordpress blog, and made two different looks on my eyes. (I will do something different on each eye) :)
My original look: (be sure to check the post out)!! ;)
 And here are the two looks I turned it into:

Products used:
Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Blue: Makeup Geek Poolside
Brown: MUG Bada Bing
Highlight: MUG Beaches and Cream 
Black Eyeliner: Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black
White: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Too Cool
Mascara: CoverGirl Fusion Mascara in Black/Brown
Brows: MUG Cocoa Bear and Bada Bing
Cheeks: Sephora Eye Shadow in Matte Orange
Lips: Maybelline Lip Pencil in Nude and Aeropostale Lipgloss in Strawberry
Btw, this little Halloween thing I came up with will switch off with looks from my Recreate Series.

I hope you like the idea, and the looks! See you soon! <Lucy :D

Monday, October 14, 2013

Recreate Series: Enchanted Makeup

Hey lovelies! I have another recreated look for you: inspired by enchantedmakeup! I was trying to find a crazy, and fun look on her blog, and I kept on running across her fabulous Disney Series. I looked at those creations, and new I wanted to re-create the one inspired by Sully from Monsters University. 

My look looks a million times better in person. I did the look too late in the day; the lighting was absolutely horrible, so sorry about that. :/ Anyway, I was so inspired by Georgia's awesome look! I hope you liked both her look and mine, and make sure to check out her fabulous blog, as well as the two other blogs I did looks from in the last two posts. See you later!<Lucy :D