Thursday, August 29, 2013

Surprise Post: All Things Mac!!!!

Hey hey hey! So, today I have a fun post for you all. :D One of my mom's friends is a makeup person like me, and she calls her makeup collection "All Things Mac' because most of her makeup (if not all of it) is by Mac, and I have a few swatches, an pictures of her products that I wanted to share! ( be warned, this post is SUPER DUPER long)!
 The set up.
 Some of Teri's mascaras.


 Lipsticks, Lip glosses, and Paints.
 Eye shadows.
 I think more eyeshadows... ;)
 More eye products.
 More eyeshadows.
 And some more....
 This is the Diana Eyes 1 Quad.
Blush in Well Dressed.
 Eyeshadow Suite in Sweet Liaison. (I think that's the name)...
 Mineralize Ski Finish in Soft and Gentle.
 A Venomous Villains Product.

 A few Creme Color Bases.

 Random products...
 Lip and eye liners.
 Jewel Marine Pigment.
A few Eyeshadows:


 Amber Lights, Antiqued, Bamboo, Botanical.

 Rite Of Spring.
 Satin Taupe.
 Soft Brown.
 Sunday Best.
 Deep Truth.
 Big T.
 Electric Eel.
 Ingenue Blue.
 Crest The Wave, Wait Till Dark, Turquatic.
 Goldmine, Golden Rod, Dreammaker.
 Off The Page, Love Bud, Gorgeous Gold.
 Paradisco, Rule, Orange.
 Spring Up, Samoa Silk.
 Fineshine, Crystal Avalanche, Beauty Marked.
 Mont Black, Idol Eyes, Gesso.
 Vellum, Solar White, Silverring, Nighttrain.
 (Danger Zone)
 There's LOTS more, but I didn't have the time to get to it. But I will when Teri comes back with her Mac collection September 20th, so I will post something like this around that time. I hope you liked this! Over and out!<Lucy :D Next Post: Mac Review