Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sephora Limited Edition Makeup Kit!

Yesterday I took a trip to Sephora, and found this HUGE makeup kit! I wasn't positive if I should get it when I saw it, because I have seen other large kits like these that just weren't good quality. Then I saw that it was a Limited Edition, and I bought it. I thought that being $50, it wasn't really worth it....But I was reading the package, and instead of just plain old eye shadows and lip colors, there was a lot more! Here it is:
 It's put together in a very handy good sized cube.
 There is a lock on the top.
 It folds out first like this.
 On the first layer on the left, there is a good range of powder eye shadows in all different textures: matte, shimmer, sparkly, and glittery!
 To pull out the other layers, you put your finger in the slot below.
 And it slides out into 4 other layers! :D

 The first 3 layers are the eye shadows.
 The next layer is 12 cream eye liners!
 On the last left layer, there are 6 special edition shimmer shadows, and 3 cheek shimmers/luminizers.
 Flip over the right side, and open up the middle part.
 In the middle section is all of the neutral color shadows with the same range of textures. (I looooooove the matte white shadow on the bottom right corner! It is EXACTLY like SugarPill's Tako! Same great quality!!) :D
 This is the whole right side slid out.
 The first four layers are all AMAZING lip colors! In all textures! They have amazing pigmentation, and have a shiny/glossy finish! I LOVE THEM !!!
 On the bottom layer, there are 6 three-in-one colors, (you can use them on your lips, eyes, and cheeks!), and 3 shimmer blushes.
This is the whole kit unfolded! (All into that tiny cube! ;)) This kit is DEFINENTLY a great buy (awesome price!), and is by far, the best Sephora makeup kit! I can't wait to play with it in the looks to come! Hope you liked this review! <LUCY :)

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