Monday, April 22, 2013

Finding Nemo Series: Gill :)
Hi you guys! I haven't posted something for a few days, but I did have this makeup look idea in my head through the weekend. ;) This next look in the series is inspired by Gill the angel fish. I really liked his designs, and I also wanted to try out the interesting color combo. Here is the look:
 The crazy eye. XD

 Normal-wearable-eye. :)

 Both sides. CRAZY!!! :D

I wanted to do a picture tutorial again. Here it is:
 I used the Elf Primer in Alabaster.

 To start the colors, I took the Elf Jumbo Eye Shadow Stick in Midnight Rendezvous. 
 And I drew a thick line of it on the inner part of my eye.
 I drew another line of it on the outer part.
 What you should have so far.
 Next, I took MUG's Corrupt with the IL MAKIAGE 6W Brush.
 And put it over the lines of eye shadow stick.

 Then, I got out my Rimmel London Jumbo Eye Shadow Scandleyes Crayon in Witness White.
 And I filled in the space in between the black sections.
 It should be something like this.
 I then got a matte white shadow from Elf with the 6W Brush.
 And put it over the Jumbo Crayon.
 Next, I got my Elf Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Iconic Ivory...
 And made a little wing on the outer corner.
 Then I went over it with the Elf matte white with my Mary Kay Angled Eye Brush.

 Next, I took an Elf matte yellow with the same angled brush.
 And made a wing below the white one.
 Then, I took Corrupt again with the same brush...
 And made a line of it under the yellow wing.
 To make the shape on the inner corner, I started by making a base shape with the Elf Shimmer Pencil in Iconic Ivory.
 Then went over it with the Elf matte shadow with the 6W Brush.
 It should look something like this so far.
 To make the little wings that represent the Gill's fins under the eye, I started by picking up some Corrupt with my Elf Bent Liner Brush.
 Then made the little fin shape on the innermost part of the undereye.
 I took the yellow matte Elf shadow with the liner brush, and made another fin shape next to it.
 As for the white one, I set down a base for the shadow with Iconic Ivory.
 I went over it with the white matte Elf shadow, and the Mary Kay Angled Eye Brush.
 To start the crazy eyebrows, I filled in my natural shape with the Elf matte yellow and a stiff brow brush.
 I then started lining the front part of my brow with corrupt, and my Bent Liner Brush.
 I went a tiny bit out of my natural shape by arching my brow a tiny bit more, and slightly making a pointed tip at the end.
 For mascara, I used my Clinique Lash Lengthening one in Black.
 The finished crazy eye! :D
 to start the normal eye, I used the same Elf primer.
 Then, I swept on a layer of the Elf yellow shadow on the lid with the IL MAKIAGE Fluff Brush.
 Next, I put a bit of the Elf white in the inner corner with the 6W Brush.
 And a bit of Corrupt in  the crease.
To finish the normal eye, I used the same Clinique mascara.
(BTW, for the lips, on the crazy side I used the Scandeleyes pencil to fill in, and lined with a MAC black pencil liner, and on the normal side, I used NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipgloss in Beige Sparkle.
Here is the comparison to the movie character:

As you can see, I decide to use black instead of dark blue. ;)
I hope you enjoyed this one! See ya later!<Lucy


  1. I love this Finding Nemo series, lovely! :D They are beautiful looks and I love that you add a tutorial with them as well! :D <3

  2. Thank you Cecile! I am having so much fun with the series!!! :D I actually really like making the picture tutorials! <3 thank you for all of your comments! I love getting comments and reading them! It means a lot! <3


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