Thursday, June 27, 2013

'Cars' Inspired-Series!

'Cars' Series: Fillmore the Hippie Van!
Hello everyone!
I wanted to start a series again, and this time the looks are inspired by the movie 'Cars!' I was watching it, and was so so happy, because, all of the characters were so extremely different in color and design! :D The first look in the series is inspired by Fillmore, the hippie van. As soon as he came on screen, I knew I wanted to do a look with his fun designs and colors. I added a tutorial, but it isn't as detailed as my past ones. Be prepared; this look is crazy! Here it is:

Told ya it was crazy! XD

I think that sometimes I might just put the steps only in pictures, and not writing. Let me know if you like it that way! :D <Lucy

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