Monday, January 6, 2014

Super-Drama Purples

Hello my lovelies! Here is a very dramatic look using all Sephora and Elf for you. Before hand, just fyi, the falsies I put on for the look, I applied the right lashes, not the left, so its the wrong lashes on the wrong eye! Soo...I know it looks weird, but hey! :D

Ok, there is something Blogger is doing to my pics, because it is definitely not my camera. I'm sorry for the weird quality! :P
Well, I hope you liked this dramatic look! Lots of love, Lucy :D <3


  1. Wow crap, hoe vet! I love it. :) Gorgeous met die falsies er bovenop, maar ook de grote grove winged eyeliner. Yaaaaay voor de comfort zone die aan de kant wordt gegooid. ^^ Ik vind het echt top.

  2. cool look, those lashes are awesome =]

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the lashes! :D


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