Monday, August 12, 2013

Cars Series: Tow Mater!

Hey! This evening I had a sudden burst of creativity! Yay! ;) So, I took the chance to do the next Cars look. I did Tow Mater, one of my favorite characters. I did a tutorial, and tried to get good pictures with bad lighting, so try to ignore the terrible lighting!
 I know, this look is very sloppy looking, to be honest, as soon as I put on the first shadow, my creativity urge disappeared ...not sure what's wrong with me!

 Bleh, I look terrible, so sorry!

The white squares resemble Mater's big front teeth. :) 
I really really hope you liked this look! Hopefully, BIG creativity bursts are in the near future! (:) Love you all!<Lucy :D <3

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