Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Before I Go....

Alright, so before I leave for a week or so, I decided to do this look. Its pretty creepy, and I really wish I had thought of it before Halloween! :P Anyway, I hope this can keep you happy while I'm gone! :D

Yeah, I know, a little creepy! I felt like making a pictorial, so here you go:
Sephora Foundation in Light, La Bella Donna Concealer Brush.

 Pump on a small amount.
 Blend in.
 Foundation Brush (Elf) blend some more.
 I decided that the lips needed to be even more blank, so I took Mac Studio Tech Foundation in NC30, and the Elf Brush.
 And put some of that over.
 L'Oreal Infallible Lip Liner in Red/Wine.
 Over the Foundation, the liner seems a little more purple.

 Elf Liquid Liner in Black.

 Face so far. (wanna see my eye makeup? go to is in blog roll).

 Wing out the liner some more.
 Make a wing coming from the outer lower corner.
 I darkened my brows a bit with matte black eye shadow.

 Add long spikey-ish lashes. (These ones are by Eyelure).
I did some contouring.

Well, pretty good for an improvised look, huh? :D I hope you all liked it, and I will hopefully see you pretty soon. Have a lovely rest of the week loves!<Lucy <3 :)


  1. this is cute Lucy! I really like the way the eyes came out and the lashes look very pretty on you! <3

    1. Thank you so much Anna! :D This was my first go at a creepy kind of look :D
      Lucy <3

  2. Loved your double winged liner!! And lipstick colour x

    1. Thank you soo much Martina! I'm so happy to hear that you liked the liner and the lip color! :D


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