Monday, November 18, 2013

Recreate Series: Heidi Larsen Makeup

Hello my gorgeous blog readers! :D This afternoon when I had already posted a look on my WordPress blog, and was having fun watching new YouTube videos and updating on my blogs that I follow, I had a sudden urge to create something for my 'crazy' blog. I was thinking of creating something fall/thanksgiving inspired, when I remembered: 'oh, yeah, I should do the next look in my series!' So I decided to recreate a look from Heidi Larsen Makeup blog (go to Blog Roll for links) that featured some fall-like colors. So here I did a recreation of this look by the amazing Heidi Larsen:
Gorgeous right? :) Here is my recreation:
 Obviously, my look is different, because I put black dots instead of orange ones. I tried orange, but I don't have the right tools and products for them, so I just went with simple black liquid liner. :P

I look a little frightening in this dogs keep on sticking their heads in my face right when I'm about to take a picture! x)
The beautiful sky. :)
I hope you enjoyed the look! Please visit Heidi's great blog! See you all soon! Much, much love<Lucy :D <3


  1. Hi Ava! I love your blog! I am in awe of the creativity that can be had with makeup. I do the same exact thing every day. You are inspiring.
    Krista Pederson

    1. Hello Mrs. Pederson,
      Thank you so much! I'm thrilled to here that I am inspiring. :) Thank you for visiting! :D

  2. Great work! And I'm honored that u wanted to recreate my look! :)

    1. Hello Heidi!
      Thank you soo much! :D I just love your blog so much, and your looks inspire me tons, I had to recreate this one. :D


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