Thursday, July 11, 2013

Birthday Haul #1!!!!

Yesterday was my 13th birthday, and I got some amazing gifts! This is #1 of a couple of birthday hauls, so stay tunes for the other one(s)! Here are all of things I got last night:

 My brother got me this pack of Extra gum! (I love the Dessert Delights!) :D
 He also got me these 2 nail polishes by NYC!
 The rest of it is from my parents! This is the Collin Lip Plumper, and it works a miracle! :D
 Here it is swatched!
 Next is the La Bella Donna (an amazing designer brand) Mascara in Dark Earth, which this is a gorgeous dark brown color, and the smoothest mascara I've ever owned! :D
 Look! No clumps! :D
 (I got in the camera shot because I couldn't find a way to stay out of it!) :D This is the La Bella Donna Cream Highlighter.
 It is a gorgeous light rose (it looks like peach in the picture) :P and I cannot wait to use it! Its smooth, and makes you look fresh and glow-y; not sparkly at all! Yay!
 Again, its a very light rose,, not a peach!
 (All of the brushes are La Bella Donna). This brush is an extremely nice natural hair angled brow brush!
 I have been wanting a brush like this FOREVER!! Its made for cream blush and highlighters. ITS SO SOFT!
The last brush I got was a big concealer brush, but I was thinking of using it for eye shadow bases and maybe glitter. Its so pretty, I don't want to use it! :D
These are all of the wonderful things I got so far! I hope you like the review/haul! See you soon!<Lucy


  1. Lucy! Congrats on your new toys you got for you birthday! Hope you enjoy them! :D

    1. Thank you Anna! :D I'm having so much fun with everything!


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