Friday, July 5, 2013

Galaxy Nails!

Galaxy Nails!
I'm trying some new techniques for painting nails, because I've never been too good at them. I wasn't very satisfied with the 4th of July nails, so to make up for them, I wanted to post some decent nails! :D hehe! I made a tutorial for them too! Here they are:

 First, take the Jordana Base Coat and Nail Grow.

 Paint the base coat on all of the nails.
 Next, take a very deep purple (semi-matte finish) polish.
 And paint it on all of the nails.
 After letting the purple dry, take a light blue polish.
 Then, get a latex-free foundation sponge. (They don't absorb as much polish as latex ones).
 Paint some of the blue on the sponge.
 Press the sponge on each nail. (Re-apply blue on sponge for each nail).
 Should look something like this. :)
 After letting the blue dry, take a half normal, half chunky silver glitter polish.
 Paint the glitter on all of the nails. (I love the look of the small and big sparkles, but you can use whatever you have!) :D
 Take Glintz Top Coat Polish.
 Paint over every nail. (Make sure the nails are dry first).
The finished nails!
I really hope you like these! I probably will be sharing my nail designs in the future as well as makeup looks. The next look will be one from the Cars Series, and I will plan it out during the weekend, so it will be here soon! Have a lovely day!<Lucy :D

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