Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Some Random Looks

Hey everyone! While I'm waiting for my burst of creativity, I just want to share some looks I've done in the past month that I didn't get to share earlier. :)
 This look was just a look for fun-something funky and dramatic.

 Here is just a simple evening look.
 This look I posted on my other makeup blog at If you want to see other looks like it, please visit! (this blog is also on 'blog roll' too). ;) (The other blog is for wearable looks, and this one is for crazy, non-wearable looks)! :)
 This look I created using a purple liquid liner from Sephora-and a couple other brown and gray eyeshadows-and I really really liked how it turned out!

This last look is a funky evening look that I also was happy on how it turned out. :)
I hope you liked these, and I will definently post my next Cars look soon! :) <Lucy :D

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