Monday, May 13, 2013

Clean and Blue ;)
It is in around 95 degrees here, so I wanted to create a look inspired by the coming of summer, and the clear blue sky. I used a light blue for the main color because I wanted my eyes to look lit up. :) Here is the look:

 (I kind of messed up on the liner, so the eye doesn't look very good closed!) :p
 Elf Primer in Sheer.

 To start the blue, I used the IL MAKIAGE Fluff Brush to pick up the last blue in the blue section from the Sephora Limited Ed. Kit.
 I swept the color on the lid.
 Next, I took my Mary Kay Angled Eye Brush, and picked up the first cream eyeliner from the Sephora Kit. (A smokey dark blue).
 Lined the upper lash line. (Thin line). 
 For the last shadow, I picked up the 3rd gray/silver in the last section from the Elf 100 Color Palette with the IL MAKIAGE 6W Brush.
 I put the color on the lower lashline.
 For mascara, I used Elf Lengthening and Defining Mascara in Black. (I LOVE this mascara because it does an amazing job at lengthening and thickening. It does get a little clumpy, so I usually comb through it with a lash comb. It was only $1 also! I highly recommend it!). :D

 The gloss I used was the sparkly blue one from the Aeropostale stick of six lipglosses.
The completed look:
Have a great day lovelies!<Lucy


  1. Such a pretty look, darling! Love blue! <3

  2. Thank you! I always will love my blues! ^-^


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