Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Series: Dark Chocolate and Neon Pink

Hello everyone! Today's Halloween Transformation Look doesn't have a specific title...I was actually going for a villainess look with black eyes and red lips...but the original colors were browns, so I went with dark chocolate-y brown eyes and a neon pink lip, using the Sephora Palette that I got for my 13th birthday. (check out my b-day haul posts) :) I actually really liked how it turned out! I apologize about the terrible lighting in the pics, but it was getting dark, so I had to rush to get the pics taken. ;) This is the original look:
The Halloween Transformation:

 I know, lately, there has been something going on with the quality in the skin looks rough and badly photo-shopped :P

Please go to the blog roll and click 'makeupcrazy' to go to my other blog, where you will find the original wearable look for this one. :) I hope you all liked this one, I'm having so much fun with the Halloween Trans. Looks! :D Btw, if you want some more crazy looks for Halloween check out my two faves:
for creative eye looks, go to GlitterGirlc. And for full-on Halloween makeup ideas, go to KrimzinArt. (both of these blogs are on the Blog Roll) ;) See you all soon!<Lucy :D <3

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