Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recreated Series: EyeGraffiti

Hey lovelies! Today's look is inspired by a look from the next blog on my Blog Roll: EyeGraffiti. The looks ports green. black and some purple, and I just loved the color combination. :) They called their look Highlighted Club Green Eyes:
Here is my recreation of the look:
 Her we go again with the weird picture thing...I'm so frustrated with it! So sorry about the weird quality :( The colors look really dull, but they really are super bright :P

 For a blush, I used a bit of Elf Eyeshadow in Ketchup, and for the highlighter, I used this gorgeous Elf Eyeshadow in Morning.

Despite the weird pic quality, I hope you still liked the look, and be sure to check out Eye Graffiti! :D See you later!<Lucy <3


  1. yiha! So awesome you got inspired by phlox's look! We're so grateful!! Virtual hugs!
    I really like the depth of you smokey-ness, specially to that pretty eyecolour of yours! But then again I am very weak when it comes to hues in green and blue, and this combination really did it! Plus that dark blue you've used makes my fingers itch haha!!
    Thanks again, and please feel free to be inspired some more!!/Azure

    1. (this is Lucy)
      Thank you so much Azure! :D I'm so thrilled you like the look! As for the blue, I actually started of with black, and was starting to add a purple (which -I didn't know at the moment had blue duo-chrome in it) when the black turned blue! :) hehe :D I most definently will be doing more of your looks in the future, they are so inspiring! :D <Lucy


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