Monday, October 14, 2013

Recreate Series: Enchanted Makeup

Hey lovelies! I have another recreated look for you: inspired by enchantedmakeup! I was trying to find a crazy, and fun look on her blog, and I kept on running across her fabulous Disney Series. I looked at those creations, and new I wanted to re-create the one inspired by Sully from Monsters University. 

My look looks a million times better in person. I did the look too late in the day; the lighting was absolutely horrible, so sorry about that. :/ Anyway, I was so inspired by Georgia's awesome look! I hope you liked both her look and mine, and make sure to check out her fabulous blog, as well as the two other blogs I did looks from in the last two posts. See you later!<Lucy :D


  1. I love love love love it!!! I swear I commented on this straight away! I probably put the robot code thing in wrong and it didnt post! oopsie! You've done such a fantastic job!!! x x x

    1. Haha, that's Ok! I do that a lot. :) I'm so thrilled you you love it! Thank you soo much!! :D


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