Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Favorite Looks Of The Week So Far!

I couldn't help but post some of my favorite makeup looks done on my Blog Roll blogs these past few days. I will do this at the end of every week...In the future! Right now though, I would just like to share NOW! :)
 This adorable and creative makeup look by Cecilie is inspired by Mickey Mouse! Why I made this look a favorite: I just love the colors, and those lashes are just amazing! :D Aren't the ears so cute? :) Cecilie's techniques are so beautiful, and if you aren't already you HAVE to subscribe to her youtube channel!
Think Pink makeup look by Heidi. I made this look a favorite because everything is just such a great flow. Even though this look is bright pink, there is a flow to the colors, that makes this look so flawless. Aren't those brows just PERFECT?!? :)
Fall Smokey Eye Using Drugstore Products by Anna. Why I made this look a favorite: First of all, Anna's eye shape is just perfect, right? :) This is a fabulous idea for fall, and the lashes really pull the look together. Also, the colors are neutral enough to work on all eye colors! If you haven't already, subscribe to Anna's youtube channel!
Birthstone: Opal by Madam Noire. Why I made this look a favorite: Madam Noire's look are always unlike any other looks I've seen. Her looks are always so unique, yet they are just beautiful. This one is probably my all time fave of hers! The lashes, and the eye shadows are so soft and pretty together, and the lashes are gorgeous  and I love the eye color!

I hope you liked these looks! Make sure to click on all of the links! :) From now on, I'll do this at the end of every week...starting next week :D <Lucy <3


  1. Thank you super much for picking my look, Lucy!!! That's so sweet of you! <3 I love the looks you've done so far on your blog!! It's good that you recreate other people's looks, cuz you learn a lot that way! :D

    1. Your very welcome Lovely! Your looks just inspire me soo much! :D Thank you, I'm so happy you like the looks! <3 I love to recreate :D


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