Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bright Easter/Spring Look :D
I had lots of fun with this look! If you celebrate Easter, this would be a great look to wear on that day. If you do not celebrate Easter, this look could still be worn, because its a spring colored look. I wanted to add some brown falsies to this look, but I couldn't find my favorite brown natural lashes! Ugh! ):( hehe. I am hoping to start a series soon, and I would loooooove some ideas! Thank you! Here is the Easter/Spring look:
(Sorry, the tip is a little blurry!) :o
Closed eye:
What I used:
Elf-Bright Pink eye shadow, Cool Purple eye shadow.
MAC-Bright Green eye shadow, Yellow eye shadow.
Covergirl-Lashblast Volume Mascara in Brown.
Maybelline-Dream Bouncy Blush in Frost Pink.
Sugar Pill-Eye shadow in Dollipop. (I used this for my lips).

Have a great Easter!<Lucy

(Last time I made the links, I found that the Heidi Larsen one went to another completely non makeup related blog! Ooppss! xD :)! I will try again! Hope it works!<Lu). Thats what I forgot! MAKEUP. Duh! :p


  1. Colorful and gorgeous Easter look! Love it, darling! :D


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