Thursday, March 21, 2013

My first look is inspired by my favorite spring colors: Green and purple! This look is pretty simple, so everyone can do it. Beginners and pros. :) I don't have a lot of good brands of makeup, :o so I'm sorry! I mostly have Elf, and other drugstore brands. I only have a few MAC products. Although, I am hoping to get lots of +Makeup Geek eye shadows soon! They are really pigmented, which is exactly what I don't have, and want! I hope you enjoy my first look! ;) (Sorry for the blurry pics!)

What I used:
.+Sugarpill-2 AM eye shadow
.+Sugarpill-Poison Plum eye shadow
.Elf- Lime Green Color eye shadow
.Elf-Lapis Blue Color eye shadow
.Elf-Shimmery White-Toned Light Purple eye shadow
.Clinique- Lash Lengthening Mascara in Black
.Maybelline- Dream Bouncy Blush in Frost Pink
.Clinique-Long Lasting Gloss-Wear in shade 21-Bamboo Pink

Hope it turns out well for you!<Lucy :D


  1. Very pretty, Lucy! I love that color combination too and you did a wonderful job! <3

  2. Thank You so much for commenting! I'm so glad you liked it! Let me know if you have any requests! I love new ideas!

  3. An Easter look maybe? ;D

  4. Oooh yeah! I will do an Easter look! Thank you! :)

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  6. Gorgeous!


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