Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm An Official Makeup Geek!!!!! :D

My wonderful eye shadows from Makeup Geek finally arrived! I have done swatches of all the shadows, and a look using 2 of the shadows. I'm so impressed by these shadows. They go on so smoothly, and they are highly pigmented. I also love the Raspberry Z Palette. It is so professional looking, and very stylish! :)> The eye shadows came in really cute packaging also. But what really made me happy was the HANDWRITTEN Thank You Card! It made me smile! Being handwritten instead of being typed up, made a huge difference. I'm so happy that the MUG staff take the time to do that! It was awesome! :D Any way, here are the swatches, descriptions, and the look.:

 The amazing Palette! ;D
I could just look at it all day! 
The cute packaging:
Swatch #1:
Appletini, Bada Bing, Beaches and Cream, Bitten, Chickadee, Cocoa Bear and Corrupt.

A fun light green with a shimmery gold-y finish. Perfect for a fun colorful eye.
Bada Bing:
My new favorite dark brown! It has amazing gold glitter finish. A great dramatic color.
Beaches and Cream:
A peachy cream colored matte shade.The perfect highlighting shade for my skin tone. I've had to search forever for yht right browbone highlight shadow, and I've finally found it!
A deep maroon red. I've never seen any color like this one. It is awesome for a great Autum eye look. I also think it would look great on the lips! ;)
A matte yellowish orange. I've never had a liking for orange shadows on my eyes. They make me look tired. But when I saw this shadow, I thought I just might get it. I love this color! Best orange ever!
Cocoa Bear:
Warm brown. This color looks amazing now matter what skin color! The wramest brown you will ever find!
The deepest black EVER. How can you shop on the Makeup Geek store, and not buy this shadow?!? The most amazing, and deepest black you will ever find on planet earth.

Swatch #2:
Country Girl, Drama Queen, Envy, Glamorous, Gold Digger, Homecoming, and Latte.

Country Girl:
Shimmery pink brown. I was a little aprehensive about getting this shade. I thought it woul look too red on my eyes. But I was completely wrong! This is a GORGEOUS color, and I will be wearing a lot!
Drama Queen:
Shimmer deep purple.The very best dark shimmer purple! So dramatic. I can't wait to try it with a purple smoky eye!
Dark shimmer green. I think this is my favorite green shadow ever. It is super velvety, and such a glamorous color!
Bronzy shimmer gold. 2 words: Super Glamorous. :D
Gold Digger:
Shimmery true gold. Gold Digger makes all eyes sparkle. It can be used for a gorgeous every day look, or a head-turning evening look.
A shimmery silver light brown. Simply gorgeous. It will suit any eye color!
Matte medium brown. If in doubt, grab a Latte! My new go-to color!

Swatch #3:
Mango Tango, Mercury, Mermaid, Moondust, Peacock, Pixie Dust, and Poolside.
Mango Tango:
Bright Mango red. A super fun summer shadow! If you want to make a fruity bright look, pair this color with purple!
Shimmery silver. My favorite silver shadow ever! It goes on so smoothly, and looks amazing on all eye colors.
Shimmery green-blue. This color definently reminds me of a mermaid's tail. It has the most amazing gold shimmer to it, and is well,...AMAZING!
Silvery taupe. the name for this color is perfect! Sent from space! It is the perfect color to add to a smoky eye.
Matte deep teel. AMAZING COLOR! My favorite dark green-blue! It is sooo velevety, and is just gorgeous.
Pixie Dust:
Shimmery lime green. The moment you put this fairytale color on, you are a pretty little fairy!
Shimmer bright blue. My absolute favorite blue in the whole world! Super gorgeous with an amzing shimmer finish.

Swatch #4:
Pretentious, Prom Night, Razzleberry, Sensuous, Shimma Shimma, and Unexpected.
Shiimery cool taupe brown. This color is reallt fabulous, and is great for a carefree and calm look...with a little shimmer to it! :)
Prom Night:
Silvery gray pale purple. This shadow is the most perfect color to wear to prom. It matches anything: dress, hair, eyes and skin.
Bright red with gold glitter. This is really the best and most fun and gorgeous red in the world! Did you know that this was the very first makeup product made for the MUG line? ;)
Shimmery plum. This is my new go-to evening color. Sweep  it on the lid, and you are gorgeously ready to go for a fun night out!
Shimma Shimma:
Shimmery cream shade. So iluminating, and makes the eyes light up. Shimma Shimma is glamorous and great for a romantic look. I also like to use it as a cheek highlighter! ;)
Dusty pale gray purple. I've never seen any color like this velvety matte gray-purple. I guess that's why they call it unexpected. Soft and alluring. 

All of these AMAZINMG eye shadows are my favorites, and when they start to run low, I will restore them as soon as I can! I can't wait to get more of these fabulous colors, and I am hoping to maybe get some Makeup Geek Lipsticks too! :D These shadows will probably be the only ones I use for a while. ;)Here is the soft look I did, using 2 Makeup Geek shadows. As, you can see, this look I wanted to be light, so I didn't pick up a lot of the color on purpose. Don't worry, these colors have much more pigmentation in them! ;)
The shadows I used:
Appletini, and Unexpected.
The look:

I hope you found all of my swatches helpful, and most of the makeup addicts out there probably already have these shadows. But if you don't, GET THEM! :D They are awesome, and a definent must have! Talk to you later!<Lucy the Makeup Geek! :)

And the star site of the day:


  1. Forgive all of the typos! My spell check wasn't on, and when I type, I either miss letters, duplicate them, or add in random letters. oops! Hehe :)

  2. I want to try Makeup Geek but I always end up buying something else instead. Like 3 Sleek palettes I found at a local shop.
    Razzleberry reminds me of Sugarpill's @#$%&! (not sure if I typed it right) limited ed. red eye shadow!

  3. Yes! Razzleberry so reminds me of the Sugar Pill red! I think you should definently get a few makeup geek shadows. What kind of colors do you like?

  4. I'm so glad you like the Makeup Geek shadows Lucy! I knew you would! ;D I think Poolside is the most gorgeous blue as well! <3 Great review and beautiful look! :D

    Sakura: Razzleberry is almost the same, the only difference is that Razzleberry has gold sparkles in it while @#$%! has silver sparkles... so razzleberry is a more warm color... I love them both ;D

  5. I would like some neutral colours :D I've seen some that are very nice and I don't remember the names now, Cecilie also helped me with swatches :D

  6. Oh yes Cecile has all of the MUG shadows-which you probably know-so she is a great resource! ;) Asfor neutral colors I own, I love my Beaches and Cream, Shimma Shimma, Latte and Bada Bing! :D

  7. la meilleure couleur que j'ai vu c'est celle de tes yeux apres j'ai trop envie d'essayer le chikadee parfait pour l'ete

  8. Hi MarliloO ella!:D I'm so sorry, but I cannot read your comment! Can you possibly translate? :) Thank you so so much for commenting! :D


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