Monday, March 25, 2013

Target Haul!
I, know, I know, 2 posts in 1 day! Well, after I made my look this morning, I went to Target to get some outs and ins. this is what I got:

I got an Elf eyelash curler that came with replacement pads for only $1!!!!!!!!!!:
Next, I got a clear-ish lip gloss with a hot pink tone from Wet n' Wild called Cotton Candy for $2:
I then found a creamy pink pearl gloss called Sinless also from Wet n' Wild for $2:
My last thing from Wet n' Wild was a super bright glossy red lip color  called Red My Mind for around $3:
Then, I got a fat eye pencil from Rimmel London in the SCANDLEYES series in Witness White for around $3. This pencil is similar to the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, but it has a shimmer finish instead of a matte one.:
I really wanted to get a couple more fat eye pencils, so I bought an Elf one in the color Little Miss Thing (a pretty shimmer gold) for $2:
I got one last jumbo eye pencil from Elf in a black shade called Midnight Rendezvous for $2:

Next, I found an Elf shimmer pencil in the color Iconic Ivory that I liked. I already have a gold shade of one of these pencils, and also a green one. They are only $1!:
I continued to shop in the Elf section, and bought an angled eye liner brush for $3:
I finished my trip to Target by getting an Elf Eye Blending brush that was perfect for my crease. $3:

Here are all of the colors on my arm:
Red My Mind, Sinless, Cotton Candy, Witness White, Little Miss Thing, Midnight Rendezvous, and Iconic Ivory.

I'm hoping this was a little bit helpful for some of you drugstore shoppers, and I will be using them in my up coming looks. I am also going to be doing a series soon, and I would LOVE any ideas for a series theme! Thanks!<Lucy

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