Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hauls and reviews! :D
I recently went to the mall, going into Aeropostale, looking for clothes, and instead bought some lip stuff! ;) I also went to Target, and got some cream eye liners and a lip cream. Here are the things that I got from Target:

 I purchased a Wet n' Wild Mega Last Lip Cream in I Can Bare It. In another post (Target Haul!) I bought a bright red Mega Last Lip Cream, and LOVED it, so I was excited to get this milk-chocolaty-nude color. (I love the Mega Lasts because they come on as a cream, and dry as a VERY moisturizing matte, and they last FOREVER!)
 I Can Bare It on my lips.
 I also got 2 cream eye liners from Elf.
 They both came with handy little applicators. :)
 It was kind of funny, when I opened the caps, the underside of the caps were different! ^-^
 Here they are swatched. The first color is Black and the second is Midnight. They look very similar, except that Midnight has a blue tinge to it. (These liners are also VERY long lasting!)
 Aeropostale haul!
 The first thing I got there was a GORGEOUS sparkly pink lipgloss in Strawberry.
 The second thing was a stick of 6 different sparkly lipglosses.
 They each open with a nice little applicator too. :)
 The pink one.

 The orange one.

 The yellow one.

 The green one.

 The blue one.
 The applicator gets longer and longer! ^-^
 And the purple one. You may not see the difference in the glosses in the pictures, but in real life they are all slightly different. My 2 favorites were the orange one and the purple one. These little guys are AWESOME for travel also! :)
 The last thing I got at Aero was a Lip Crayon in Pineapple.
 I expected it to be more of a neon orange-as it looked-but it came on as an orangy-coral color. The reason I bought it was because I wanted a bright orange....but that is not what I got....but I still LOVE that coral color!
My whole haul! <3
Hope you enjoyed my little haul! :)
Tomorrow, I will be going to Sephora, and instead of doing a makeup look-I may be doing another review. Just a heads up! :o)
See ya later! <Lucy


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