Thursday, April 18, 2013

Finding Nemo Series: Crush the Sea Turtle! :D
On this look, instead of making fins and tails, I added some glitter dots to represent the design on Crush's shell. So if you like looks with glitter, you could maybe wear this for an everyday look! (Unlike the other looks in the series so far!) :)) I'm not to good with glitter, so just making the dots was the simplest way for me...but you can do glitter everywhere if you use it all the time! ;) Here is the look:

 The products I used:
I decided to add a tutorial to this one! Here it is:

 For a primer, I used my new Elf liquid one.

 Then I swept on a green shimmer shadow on the inner half of my lid with my Elf Professional Eye Shadow Brush.
 I have a HUGE Shany makeup kit from from which I picked up a burgundy shimmer shadow with the same brush.
 And swept it on the other half of my lid. (Make sure to blend the 2 colors together).
 Take the burgundy up a little.
 Next, I took my Rimmel London Scandeleyes Shimmer Fat Eye Pencil in Witness White with a little pencil brush.
 And started to make little dots of it on the side.
 Something like this. :)
 Next, I took a gold shadow from my Elf 100 Color Eye Shadow Palette. (I used the third one down in the yellow section).
 I covered the white dots with the gold.
 It should look something like this.
 Then I took my NYX Glitter Cream palette in Bronze Goddess,
and picked up some gold glitter with my Elf Bent Liner Brush. 
 I put the glitter on top of the gold shadow.
 Should be something like this.
 I then took a matte shadow from the Elf 100 Color Palette (pick any shadow that matches your skin) and...
 Used it as a brow bone highlight.
 To start the coloring in my brows, I picked up a multi-colored green shadow from the Elf 100 Color Palette with a stiff straight brow brush.
 I colored the inner half of my brow with it.
 For the other half of the brow, I picked up the burgundy shadow that I used for the lid.

 The finished-crazy-eye. ;) BTW, I forgot a pic, but for mascara, I used Elf's Defining and Volumizing Mascara in 1141 Black.
 To start the other eye, I put just a bit of the green I used for the other eye on the lid with my Elf Eye Shadow Brush.
 I then put the burgundy Shany shadow in the crease.
 Next, I took the gold that I used for the dots on the other eye, and just put a dusting of it on the brow bone.

 For mascara, I used only one swipe of the MM Mascara in Black.
 The finished eyes.

 For the lips, I used a green lipstick I made (go to to find out how I made them), lined my lips with an MM brown eye liner pencil, and a pit of NYX glitter on the crazy side, and I used an MM nude lip gloss on the normal side.
Here is the comparison to the movie character:

 (Sorry, I couldn't find a pic of Crush by himself) :)

I hope you enjoyed the Crush look! See you soon! <Lucy ^-^


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