Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Finding Nemo Series: Jellyfish :D
This will be the last look in the Finding Nemo Series! I decided to end by making a look inspired by the jellyfish, because I really liked their colors. Here is the look:
 The crazy eye! :)

 The normal eye. ;)

 Both sides. :o :)
 Elf Primer in Alabaster.

 Rimmel London Scandleyes Witness White Pencil.
 Make a thick line of it on the inner corner, all the way up to the brow.
 Blend it outwards across the whole lid.
 Take a semi-matte MAC white shadow....
 Pat it on the inner corner, where you first put the white pencil. (Put the shadow on with the Elf Eye Shadow Brush).
 Take the 2nd color down in the pink row in the Elf 100 color palette with the same brush. (It is a rose color).
 Make a middle stripe with it.
 Blend the white and rose together.
 Next, take the neon pink below the rose one with the same brush.
 Put is over the rose strip.
 And blend again.
 Next, take a shimmery purple violet shadow, and put it on the remaining outer area.
 Then, use a pencil brush to make a wavy line on the outer eye with the violet you used earlier.
 Layer on the color until it is bright.
 Take the shade darker neon pink in the 100 color palette.
 And make a straight line underneath the purple one.
 With the MAC white, make a straight line of it under the pink one.
 What you should have so far.
 Smudge some of the violet on under the outer corner.
 The pink one in the middle undereye.
 And white on the inner part.
 Take the Elf Eye Shadow Brush again,  and color the front of the eye brow with the pink shadow.
 Violet in the middle.
 White on the end.
 Blend the color up.
 Use CoverGirl Lashblast Fusion Mascara in Black/Brown.
 The finished crazy eye.
 Use the same primer for the normal eye.
 Sweep a little of the violet on the lid.
 Some of the neon pink underneath.
 Use the white as the highlight.
 Sei Bella Volumizing Mascara in Black/Brown.
The finished normal eye.
On the normal side of the lips, I used Wet n' Wild's Sinless Lipgloss, and I blended all 3 of the eye shadow colors I used for the eyes, on the crazy side of the lips. :)
I hope you enjoyed this Finding Nemo Series! I had so much fun with it! :D See ya later!<Lucy


  1. Love the colors you chose for the look! :D Gorgeous! <3

  2. Thank you! :D yes, I loved the color combonation! :)


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