Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finding Nemo Series: Dory =)
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Hehe :D This 2-sided look was really fun for me to create! Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of the look right when I did it, so the colors are kind of faded in the pictures. But I'm sure you can still see the colors I used! :) Crazy side:
 The colors I used were blue for her body, black for her design, yellow for her fins and tail, and pink/magenta for her eyes.
 Normal side:

 Both sides: (crazy!!!) XD
I ended up not taking a picture of what I used! (sorry. But if you want to know what I used, just let me know). :) I also decided not to do the tutorial by pictures...but again, if you do wan the tutorial, I will do it. :D Here is the comparison:

I hope you enjoyed the Dory look! Have fun! (the next look in the series is going to be inspired by Crush, the sea turtle!) :D <Lucy

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