Thursday, April 4, 2013

Green Girl ;)
Today, I wanted to do a look that made my eyes look elongated. So I got out my MUG shadows, and started. This look is pretty dramatic, but as you might have guessed, I wear dramatic looks almost everyday! :) This look will look fine on any color eyes, especially brown eyes. These two green colors will bring out the light and dark green in hazel eyes. For blue eyes, maybe add some brown to tone it down a bit. As for green eyes...just make sure that you don't feel that the green shadows are competing with your eyes. 
Here is the look:

The products:

(I used the 3 brushes I used for yesterday's look, a L'oreal Colour Juice Lipstick in Personali-tea-shade #805-an Almay Intense I-color Mascara in Black Emerald-#33-2 MUG Shadows in Pixie Dust and Envy, and the lighter side of my Clinique Bronzer.

Hope this look works out for you!<Lucy :D

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