Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Color Spring/Summer Look :D
This look is bright, fun, and super, super easy to do! ^-^ I used 2 MUG shadows, and I now have used every single one of them once! :) (I've also decided from now on to use a mixture of eye shadow brands instead of just MUG). Here is the look:

 The face:
 Products I used:

Eyes: MUG shadows in Mermaid and Moondust, Elf professional Eye Shadow Brush, the IL MAKIAGE 6W Brush, and the Clinique Lash Lengthening Mascara in Black. Cheeks: Clinique Bronzer in Medium. (darker side). Lips: MAC bright pink lip color, and the Sonia Kashuk Retractable Lip Brush.

The MAC lip color I used was in a palette, and I couldn't get a good pic of it, so I just had a pic of the color on m,y finger. For some reason, the color is showing up as a peachy pink, but really it was a really bright, thick berry-ish pink! :p :)

Hope you enjoy this easy spring/summer look!<Lucy :D

I would also like to share a few of my very favorite eye looks using mostly black, from all different blogs! ;)
This look is by Jangsara (you probably know her blog).
 This site is called, but I couldn't get the darn link to work!
Link didn't work! UGH.
 Link didn't work!!
 The link for this site didn't work either! :o
 I don't completely remember the name of this artist! Oops!
 Meredith Jessica (
 Cecile (
 I'm sorry about the links for most of them not working, but maybe you already know who the looks are by...:D<Lu

And one more thing! :) I am going to start a series on my next looks! I decided to make the series theme a movie. I'm doing a Disney/Pixar kid's movie called Finding Nemo! I am going to be doing around five looks for the series! Just a heads up for the next look coming!<Lu :D


  1. Wow, Lucy! You are off to an amazing start; both with this blog and with your talent. We should really get together this summer! I shall come over and bring "ALL THINGS MAC" with me, and we can play and create for hours and hours and hours! Whatcha say? XO, TommyMom ;0D

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! I am so super excited!!!!!! I would absolutely loooooooove to get together this summer, and play with your collection for HOURS!!! A DREAM COME TRUE! I cannot wait for the summer!!! I'm so happy that you visited my blog! ALL THINGS MAC?!? AAAAAAHHHH! I'm sooooooo super thankful for this amazing opportunity, and thank you so so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!!!! Thank you!
    Lucy :D


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