Monday, April 1, 2013

Simple Bright Evening Look :)
I used three of my MUG shadows to create this very easy look. I put shadows in the crease, on the lid, and lining the under eye. I called this more of a bright evening look because of the bright orange on the lid. I used 2 matte colors, and 1 shimmer. I hope you like this (interesting) mix of three colors on the eye! The look:

 On the face, I didn't use any blush. But if you wan to, use a dust of a rose color, or contour with a bit of bronzer :)
What I used:
Bitten, (crease), Chickadee, (lid), Sensuous, (undereye), and a Ten Beauty lip gloss in Chic.

I would also like to add to this post my favorite makeup blog:
 This blog was created by an amazingly talented makeup artist named Cecile. She is sooo inspiring to me, and is my makeup mentor. I'm sure you've already heard of her fabulous site, but if you haven't you definently should visit it. She posts many many different looks, and is extremely creative. I not only love her awesome makeup looks, but I love the fact that she talks to the people that comment on her looks. If you post a comment, she will talk to you, visit your blog if you ask her to, and it makes you wan to go on her site even more. (When I first posted a comment, the next day she had answered, and I was thrilled! It felt like I was talking with a celebrity!) If you do visit her amazing site, I know that you will love it, just like I do, and I will never forget the day that I looked at her first look, and was hooked! :) Here are some of her gorgeous looks:
 Isn't she pretty? :D
 Oh, wow...
 How does she do it? :)
 Makeup Magic!
You can even tell from these blurry pics that she is a true artist! I hope you visit her fun site!!

Enjoy my look! (Her looks make mine look bad! :) Hehe)


  1. Wow! You are the sweetest, lovely!!! <3 I'm so flattered by your compliments! Thank you so much! :D I love that look btw. I wore something similar today myself, with those 2 matte MUG colors ;) I'm so sorry that I haven't replied to you this weekend! I'm on Easter holiday, so I've been visiting friends and family. But I was very happy when I saw your lovely comments! <3

    1. Of course! I hope you don't mind! :) I just love you so much! Its such a coincidence that you wore the same shadows! ^-^ <3

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