Monday, April 15, 2013

Finding Nemo Series: Nemo and Marlin
This is the very first look for my Finding Nemo series!! :D What I did was on one side of the face, I put a crazy look using lots of the character's colors and designs. On the other side of the face, I put a very wearable everyday look using the same color family! Here is side one:

Super crazy!! :D The whole face:

Crazy striped lips! :)>
The normal side:

The normal side of the face:
And a close up of both sides of the lips:
Both sides of the face:

I look kinda scary! :D
Products I used:
I am also going to add a (rather long) step by step tutorial:
Prime your eyes to start out. I used an Elf primer.
 Then I took MUG's Corrupt, and started drawing lines. (I only picked up the tiniest bit of Corrupt, because it is super pigmented!
 BTW, I used my Elf Bent Liner Brush for the lines.

 Then I took the lines all the way up to my eyebrow. Note that the lines are rough to start! :)

 I drew a third line.
And made a parallel line to it.
Then I did the tail shape.
 To make a sticky base for the eye shadow, I filled in the spaces between the lines with my Elf Shimmer Pencil in Iconic Ivory. (Another great thing to use-if you want more of a matte finish under the shadow, you can use NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk).
Then I took an Elf white eye shadow, and covered the pencil.
Next, I re-defined the black lines.
Then I filled in the other spaces with MUG's Chickadee.

Then I put some Corrupt on the outer under eye.

Then Chickadee in the middle undereye.
 Then the Elf white shadow on the inner corner.
For mascara, I used the Clinique Lash Lengthening Mascara in Black. (I didn't put a pic of it, but for blush, I used a bit of Chickadee for this side!)
 For the normal side, I started off by using Chickadee on the lid with my Elf Professional Eye Shadow Brush.
I lined the top lid with a very thin line of Corrupt with my Elf Bent Liner Brush.
I again used the Elf white eye shadow, for a brow bone highlight.
I finished the normal eye with the Sei Bella Volumizing Mascara in Black/Brown. (For the cheeks, I actually left them bare on this side).
For the crazy side of the lips, I started off by using the L'Oreal Pencil Perfect Eye Liner in Ebony on the outer corner of the lips. I have very crooked teeth as you can see! xD
 I then used an orange lipstick that I made. (Go to to find out how I made them!)
 I next used my Rimmel London Scandeleyes Jumbo Eye Shadow Shimmer Pencil in Witness White.
I covered that with a MAC white shadow.
 For the normal side, I took another lip product I made (this time a gloss) and only lightly applied some.
Over that, I put a sparkly white-ish-clear lip gloss sample from MAC. (My fingers and my chipped nail polish made it into the picture! Hehe). :)

The finished lips!
Here is the comparison to the movie characters:
I hope you liked the Nemo/Marlin looks, both normal and crazy!
I'm having tons of fun already with this series, and I cannot wait to do the next look! :D <Lucy 


  1. Hah your makeup look is very nice and funny too :D Which will be next? :))

  2. I am going to be doing Dory next! I'm so happy that you liked this one Kesa! Thank you so much for commenting! :D

  3. love this look! I like that you did a split tutorial; perfect for people who want to really go crazy or for those who want a simple look!

    1. Thank you so much Miss Louise! :D I'm glad you liked my tutorial idea! :D


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